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Energy drives our economy and way of life. With global energy demand will increase by 50 percent over the next twenty years, the importance of energy is unlikely to change in the short term.
As with any growing industry, there is a demand for executives with solid leadership skills and knowledge of the energy company. Some energy programs based MBA have been developed to meet this need. Most of these programs have occurred in places with abundant natural energy resources.
Locations such as the Scottish coast, for example. Oil and Gas MBA program is the Aberdeen Business School, is based on the interests of the students’ to pursue a career in the oil and gas.
. ‘I will not pretend that someone is doing MBA here wants a career change, “says Allan Scott, a leading Oil and Gas Management MBA program in Aberdeen Business School, along with attention to the local industry, Scott said that the His program gives students – many who have worked in the field for over ten years – the skills that the traditional MBA programs teach.
“The most important (students are) looking to strengthen their own confidence and decision making when they are in charge of finance, manager of supply chain, an engineer, or other thing,” said Scott. “We are a business school. We love the markets,” said Joseph Doucet, who directs the program at the University of Alberta. “We want business people and so on, but must understand that markets work”
“While the die-hard capitalist, and you’re going out of business, you need to realize that the strategy is closely linked to government policy,” says Doucet.
University of Alberta and the University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business – which provides an MBA from the energy content – take advantage of their position in the largest province in Canada, where natural resources and the environment are so central to the role of the economy province.
Development of the “General” energy industry executives is that David Elmes, director of the new part-time, Global Energy MBA program at the Warwick Business School. The rapid changes affecting energy production, consumption and regulation forcing managers to look at energy across a wider range of energy.
“We are playing a much more complicated, which should include multiple energy sources, new features in the industry, and how to address climate change will transform the industry,” said Elmes.
“Much of the energy industry does not employ many people in late 1990 and early 2000 when it was relatively easy to find and produce energy and meet demand,” Elmes said. “Now that things have become more complex, companies are realizing they must pay special attention to developing the principles of management, intermediate, and went to management levels. They do not have many of them. ”
Climate change, sustainable development and energy independence of the subjects of these great day governments and businesses are investing heavily in green technologies. It is perhaps no surprise to see more and more permissive teachers, centers, and an MBA student club dedicated to clean energy a top tier business schools like Michigan, Ross, MIT Sloan, and Harvard.
Some MBA programs have also started a special energy. One can only guess how the expected “clean energy revolution” will have an impact on the business school curriculum or the number of specialized MBA programs on the market. With or without a revolution, it is quite clear that Energy suppliers will continue to need talented managers who can help to tap new sources, reach new markets and keep the lights on.

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