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Going Back To School As A Parent

As a parent, your top priority is to make the best life for you and your children. If you’re unhappy in your current career, not making as much money as you’d like, or just need some more opportunities for your family, going back to school could be the perfect answer.

Returning to college is a great way to earn a promotion, change careers, or finalize your education. Whether you’re looking to earn your first degree, turn your Associate’s into a Bachelor’s, or are heading back to grad school, you can better reach your goals with a college education.

Now more than ever, parents interested in returning to school can learn about programs and institutions, and even attend college from the privacy of their homes using the Internet. This is a huge advantage for any parent dealing with the sometimes hectic life schedule that comes with family activities.

If you’re going back to school to earn your first degree, when you finish your coursework, you’ll be awarded an Associate’s degree. These degrees are intended to platform other higher degrees. Typically credits are transferable although transfer standards vary by institution. Associate’s degrees can also be used on their own to earn entry-level positions. The coursework of an Associate’s degree tends to stay broad, as it is intended to be foundational learning. For this reason, many parents returning to college find earning their two-year degree was simpler than they anticipated.

If you’ve already earned your Associate’s, the next step is your Bachelor’s which ends up as four years of education in total. Unlike the two-year degree, a Bachelor’s offers a bit more of a detailed approach to learning, and centers the focus on a subject. One problem parents face when going back for their Bachelor’s is mismanagement of time. By creating a schedule for yourself that includes time for your family, time for your school, and time for yourself, you can prevent schedule frustrations.

Like the Associate’s, most Bachelor’s degrees can be used as a final certificate to help earn entry-level jobs. There are additional opportunities the Bachelor’s provides over the Associate’s, primarily because the degrees are more specifically focused, even if only in a subject (i.e., Bachelor of English), making the candidate more qualified for identifiable fields. Since you’ll already have credits to get you started, as a parent-student, earning your Bachelor’s degree shouldn’t take more than a few years even if you’re only attending part-time.

Got a Bachelor’s? Next stop: grad school. Graduate degree programs typically require a Bachelor’s degree for consideration, and depending on your planned level of achievement, can take anywhere from two to eight years (and longer in some cases) to complete. The course load is usually rigorous in nature aimed at providing a detailed education for a specific field, industry, or line of work. These degree programs take serious time commitments and sometimes involve work and research components, making them especially daunting for parents going back college. It’s true, going back grad school as a parent is a hefty undertaking, but typically worth high rewards. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that those with graduate degrees can earn up to twice as much as those with undergrad degrees. That a 100% pay increase.

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