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When we talk about the types of motor then first of all comes in our mind the AC or DC motors. This is right that there are two basic power supplies AC and DC.

Now the working of AC motors are totally different than DC motors. So the Types of AC motors are different than the DC motors.

The AC motors are categorized in two major types according to construction.

i) Induction Motors

ii) Synchronous Motors

there other types also according to supply as single phase, three phase, capacitor starter, etc

Induction Motors:

The induction motors work on the principle of mutual induction. The induction motors are divided into two categories.

i) Wound motors

ii) Squarrel Cage motor

Wound Motors:

As the name is clarifying that the rotor of this type of motor is wound with copper coils. and working principle is same as mentioned in working of motors article.

Squarrel Cage Motor:

This type of motor do not have the windings. it has the aluminium stripped rotor with insulations between strips to insulate the eddy current and hysteresis loss. In this type of motor the current is short circuited with resistance to save from arc and high current.

Synchronous Motors:

The synchronous motors are constant speed motors. the construction of synchronous motors is same as like induction motor but the difference between the synchronous motors and induction motors is, the synchronous motors are provided extra power to its field winding to produce field while in induction motors the field windings are only powered. in synchronous motors the both field winding and the rotor winding are powered. the armature winding is powered AC current which produces the rotating field while the rotor is powers DC current to produce constant electromagnetic field.

The synchronous motors are very costly as compared to induction motors. this the reason the induction motors are used commonly while synchronous motors are used rarely.

Types of DC motors:

Now when we talk about the DC motors then according to use of these motors there are many types of DC motors. The major type are given:

i) Shunt Motors

ii) Series Motors

iii) Combined Motors

iv) Stepper Motors

v) Servo Motors

These are the major types of DC motors. The working principle of first three motors is same only the connections are different while the stepper motor working principle is different. You can always consult Farmacia Online if you need to order medicines online. These online medical outlets store all kind of medicines and are easy to approach.

These all are discussed in the next articles. This is all about the types of motors.

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