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Travel Tips

What is turbulence? An investigation into why the skies seem to be bumpier than ever before

Falling luggage, food strewn across aircraft, and the occasion hospital admission – is there something happening at high altitude we need to be wary of?

A guide to holiday packing if you have ADHD

Helpful tips on how to pack, from a person with ADHD

When to tip and when not to tip? Our city-by-city guide

The ultimate guide to tipping around the world

When is it okay to press the flight attendant call button?

Flight attendants weigh in on the unspoken etiquette of paging cabin crew – including when you can and when you really can't

What happens if your flight is cancelled? Compensation and rebooking explained

Expert Nicky Kelvin from The Points Guy shares his tips for what to do if your flight is cancelled by the airline

The best travel pillows for taking on a long flight

The editors put the latest travel pillow styles to the test 

How to travel if you struggle with your body image or disordered eating

We take a look at the reasons why diet culture continues to impact many people when travelling

Uber is launching flights in-app: here's everything you need to know

Booking an end-to-end adventure has never been so easy

The best carry on luggage for every traveller

Our top recommendations for hand luggage, from cases to carry bags and backpacks

Airlines are introducing a new type of business-class seat

Introducing “Basic Business”: a new travel class that bridges the gap between economy and business airline seats

Travel to the USA from the UK: What do I need?

Everything you need to know about how to visit America

Where to store your luggage in London after check-out time

Everything you need to know about safely stowing your suitcase when you’re in transit

What our sustainability editor is loving right now

Ways in which our sustainability editor is taking steps towards a greener way of being, from what she’s buying for home to how she’s travelling

I let ChatGPT plan my holiday – here’s what it got right and oh-so Wrong

The buzzy chatbot's lack of specificity – and factual errors – can be exhausting when it comes to travel recommendations

6 airline stopover programs to stretch your airfare in 2023

Airline stopovers offer the chance to see an additional city and come with free hotel stays, sightseeing discounts, and other perks

Why British travellers need to check the issue date of their passports

Make sure you don't get caught out by the new passport rules before it's too late…

France's protests explained: everything you need to know if you're visiting Paris soon

France is in the grip of nationwide protests that are coming to a head in Paris – here's everything you need to know if you're visiting soon

Passport Office strikes: everything you need to know about the latest walkouts

That 10-week wait could be about to get that little bit longer…